About FUNC Limited

FUNC is a software development business owned and operated in New Zealand. We specialise in structurally designing and developing web and windows based solutions. For more information on what we do, see our services area. For examples, check out our portfolio.  

Who are we?

Perhaps the question is better asked, who am I? My name is Tim Donaldson, and at this point Func is a one man band, with the projects and services soley being provided by yours truely.

I started FUNC while contracting with a local Web Design and Management company in my home-town of Wanganui, New Zealand, and began trading under this name with other contractors and also directly with my own clients. 

What is FUNC, and what does it mean?

FUNC is an acronym that helps to describe what we do in four words; "functional", "usuable", "negotiable" and "creative". 

Are you qualified, and what was your training in?

I trained at the Universal College of Learning in Palmerston North (approx 1 hour from Wanganui) and graduated from a BICT (Bachelor of Information and Communication Technology Level 7), a course which has equipped me with skills for many areas of IT. I made the decision to specialize in web programming in my final year of study, as I liked the concept of being able to develop web-based applications that did not require any special software to set up or operate. Since web pages generally use the well established HTML markup language for structure, and also CSS for styling, it was a solid choice for me to make.

I also develop for Windows systems, and you can find examples of my projects under the solutions area of my website.